In 2015, MSM launched an Executive MBA program in Sports Management. This exciting program has not gone unnoticed by top athletes. Already since the start, quite some well-known Dutch sports players joined the program, like former professional football player Ronald Waterreus, and professional swimmer Joeri Verlinden.

The Executive MBA is set up in a flexible and convenient way so that you can balance of your career with your MBA study.

Joeri Verlinden is one of our students who proves that this is possible: “After missing the World Championships in July I’m extremely excited that last weekend, during the World Cup series in Eindhoven, I qualified for 3 butterfly events – 50m, 100m and 200m – for the European short course Championships coming December in Copenhagen (DEN). After 5 years of hard work I finally managed to do new best times, a very satisfying feeling to end my 2016/2017 swimming season. I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months where I will combine my MBA program at MSM with my full time swimming schedule to the best extent possible”.

In the Sports Management specialization you will be thoroughly immersed in understanding the key elements of managing a sports business. The specialization offers in-depth courses on

  • Sport Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Event & Sport Facilities Management
  • High Performance Management in Sports
  • Legal Issues, and Liabilities & Ethics in Sports