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IT is everywhere these days. If it exists, there’s an app or gadget for it. Except in sports. The athletic world is falling behind, fast. Fortunately, there’s a small but innovative company working to change that. If you’re as frustrated about it as they are, it might be time for you to join them on their mission to change the world of sports by creating some of the most cutting-edge solutions out there.

You’re not going to ask me to work out are you?

No, don’t worry. You can just focus on what you like to do, leading, and developing an IT team while keeping things secure. Sure, it might be nice if you actually like sports. They do. They like it so much they’ve developed not just a revolutionary piece of hardware but also paired it with some amazing digital solutions aimed at improving athletic performance. To ensure they maintain the highest level of quality, they even develop, produce, and run everything themselves. Because their product is aimed at athletes who work out at home or on the go, demand has increased rapidly under the current crisis. Business truly is booming. And they need your help to keep things running smoothly and secure.

Sure. Sounds great but what do you expect from me?

There are a few basic components to your role, all relating to IT and Security. Firstly, you’ll focus on providing operational support for the current Microsoft based IT services and lead the development and deployment of new ones. Secondly, but definitely not in second place is Security. The support of physical security services and users and of course, the development and deployment of new ones as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You’ll have an experienced team supporting you and it’s important to lead them well and pay attention to the development of your team members. Lastly, you’ll be the main point of contact for any third-party security providers.

You’re well prepared if you’re familiar with working in Microsoft based environments and know a thing or two about IT infrastructure. Knowledge about physical security systems will also definitely come in handy and regulatory requirements like SOX and PCI will also be part of the deal. Of course, the most important will be solid leadership skills and the desire to be part of an athletic revolution.

Great, sounds like me but what do I get in return?

To start, you’ll get a monthly salary up to € 6500,- gross a month and the opportunity to work with a team of passionate people on designing solutions that will change the world of sports. What else? Your own educational budget, a bonus obviously, occasional working from home, flexible hours, cool gadgets, a pension plan, and fun events. Want to use the products yourself? You’ll receive a big discount.

Do I still have your attention? Great, click apply and we’ll get the ball rolling.


Locatie: Den Haag

Functie groep: IT

Type: vacancy

Specialiteit: Overig

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Naam: Sander Fonville


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